Article Reveals Alex Trebek is a Bigger Baller Than You Thought

A new profile of longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek reveals some interesting facts about the man who constantly reminds you to answer him in the form of a question.
The New Republic followed the man around for a typical day on the set of his long-running game show. The result is a look at a man who could seemingly take down Chuck Norris if he teamed up with The Most Interesting Man in the World. For instance, during his younger days as the host of the world’s most popular trivia game show, he rode around Los Angeles in a badass Bentley convertible. He also spends most of his time building and working on his house in the Valley with his own two hands. We don’t know much about Pat Sajack, but he doesn’t look like he’s ever operated a circular saw in his life.
The most interesting fact about Trebek, however, is how he spends his time on vacation. Apparently, he doesn’t just jet set down to the Bahamas on some first class flight. He recently took a trip to Napa on a working 1928 biplane just to go to a special brunch. He then spent the brunch drinking the entire time–or at least drinking enough to cover the cost of a $350 meal.
We’re sure he ended the story too early because that’s such an awesome thing for a game show host to do that more must have happened. We like to imagine that the restaurant threw him out for trying to convince a waitress with a pair of hot cans to take her top off by “making it rain,” and that he had to hire a Zeppelin to take him back home just so he could prove to everyone that it’s the safest way to travel.

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