The 10 Best Busta Rhymes Videos Ever [VIDEO BIRTHDAY BASH]


In honor of legendary Busta Rhymes’ 42nd birthday, we decided to take a look back at the influential rapper’s best videos from over the years. After all, Busta isn’t just known for his amazingly original rapping style. He’s also always been known as an innovator in the visual arts, and a proper style icon. Starting in the mid-90s, Busta took rap videos to new and great places. He also didn’t concentrate on stocking his videos with gorgeous gals. We’d usually have a problem with that, but Busta was more concerned with having psychedelic and thought-provoking visuals which stimulated conversation.
Here’s COED’s 10 favorite Busta Rhymes videos from over the years. We’re excited to see more soon enough…

10. “Gimme Some More” (1998)

This is an instant classic of a video for Busta. It was shot with a fish-eye lens, which became a cliché–but that was Busta’s signature trademark style in the 90s , along with plenty of bright colors and wild situations.


9. “Lite Your A** On Fire” (2003)

This video has Busta competing against a rather nerdy dude over the affections of a girl–all while a pre-stardom Pharrell is seen spying on the lady. It actually sounds pretty bizarre when you describe it, but the video is fun and well-done.


8. “World Go Round” (2008)

This video is insanely creative. It follows Busta and featured singer Estelle as they go “around the world,” courtesy of hopping from one magazine to the  next. It’s definitely one of the more creative music videos out there.


7. “Break Ya Neck” (2001)

As usual with Busta, a video that could’ve just had him rapping in club becomes with him…well, laying down on the club floor, followed by a trip to the countryside with Ludacris, and then Busta ramming his head into a ram. Genius.


6. “Make It Clap” (2002)

This video features an entire segment with Busta as a preacher in a church–and let us tell ya, this guy can act. For that scene alone, it makes the list. Also, there’s an entire scene with Busta walking through his “clap gym,” where girls learn how to clap.


5. “What’s It Going To Be?!” (1999)

This visually-pleasing video has Busta and heavy-hitter Janet Jackson walking around a room that keeps swirling.This kind of green-screen action looks kind of dated now, but it was cutting-edge back in 1999.


4. “Woo Ha” (1996)

The first half of this video is shot with Busta’s preferred fish-eye lens, and has Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Busta in a padded room. Things get weirder from there…


3. “Pass The Courvoisier, Part II” (2002)

This video is just hands-down awesome. You’ve got P. Diddy, Pharrell, a cameo from Mr. T, and a bunch of super hot girls dancing on a bar. And there’s another gal under the pool table with Pharrell, who sure got a lot of early exposure thanks to Busta.


2. “Dangerous” (1997)

This video was an homage to Lethal Weapon, which was a pretty brilliant idea at the time. You’re also getting more of Busta’s fish-eye lens to add to the overall visual mayhem. This was also one of the videos that made director Hype Williams one of the biggest names in 1990s hip-hop videos.


1. “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” (1997)

This is easily Busta’s coolest and trippiest video. It’s got him in full African tribal makeup, and even has a damn elephant  in it. This is, in fact, Busta’s masterpiece. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the song is absolutely amazing. Watch and mourn how most rap videos can’t be this creative anymore.

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