Tim Duncan's WAG Vanessa Macias Won Last Night's Game [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Last night during Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, Tim Duncan’s new girlfriend Vanessa Macias shot back at Charles Barkley’s comment about there are “some big ol’ women down there” by attending the game and looking like an absolute dimepiece while wearing a shirt that read “Barkley Don’t Know.”


The shirt was such a hit with fans that Barkley was forced to make a comment on camera that “she must have been flown in from Dallas.” Listen, the whole thing is all in good fun and we’re personally happy that Barkley didn’t recant his statement of things like “Victoria’s Secret is a secret” because we all know that he’s not actually sorry. But when you then get San Antonio’s sexiest women to come out and show off, that’s a success in of itself.

Back to Vanessa Macias. Yes, there was a time when the NBA’s most boring All-Star Tim Duncan was married, but word on the street is that they got divorced when Tim learned that she was cheating on him with her trainer. While we prefer to hear the joke that he got rid of her to “make room for his fifth ring,” the fact of the matter is that he’s now dating Vanessa Macias, a media celebrity in SA.

Insert hilarious joke here shamelessly stolen from /r/nba about Tim Duncan being an “elite rebounder on and off the court.”

Since Vanessa’s been in the limelight before we get to peruse a good amount of photos of the woman who represented for her city. Check out our favorite pics of Vanessa, then a couple of GIFs of her in bathingsuit.

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