Selena Gomez Gets Dirty In Bikini Instagram Pic [PIC + GIFS]

One of our favorite former Disney stars, Selena Gomez, posted a great picture to Instagram–which is a little blurry, but can’t take away the beauty of Selena frolicking in the mud like she’s ready to defend her Mud Wrestling title against Ariana Grande. Which probably won’t ever happen, but it’s a nice thought.
Selena is also hoping this Instagram pic will put some rumors to rest. Her caption on the picture reads, “Taking my power back.. can’t wait to show you where I’ve been. I love y’all. Ps, I still obsess over pickles.” We’re not entirely sure about the pickles reference,  but  we’re glad that she’s not moving on from them. We’re hoping that she’s finally moving on from our least favorite Canadian–that being Justin Bieber. We certainly want to forget that those two ever happened, and these fine GIFs should help us get there…
[cmggallery id=683460]

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