"Big Hero 6" Trailer Brings Humor Back to Comic Book Films [VIDEO]

Disney wasted no time in turning around a Marvel Comics movie once they got a hold of the franchise and now they’ve released a trailer for their first animated comic book film based on the Big Hero 6 series.
Disney seems to have gone for one of the lesser known comic books to do for its first Marvel Comics-related movie. The Big Hero 6 comics are about a group of superheroes organized by the Japanese government to combat a series of super villains. The trailer features boy genius Hiro Takachiho building what appears to be his robotic bodyguard Baymax and it introduces the movie in a very interesting way. Hiro has an idea for a super atomic robot hero when he notices one of his doughy, robotic helpers wander into the room. He builds the armor and slaps it on the fat bastard and something strange happens: It actually makes you laugh. We didn’t think that was possible with all the super serious comic book movies we’ve been treated to over the last few years.
[protected-iframe id=”f4734df924b64edc17a7b62bd4cb3456-3508545-13345960″ info=”//www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x1w2ecx” width=”600″ height=”388″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]<br />
It’s actually a clever move on Disney’s part. The last few comic book films have been so worried about pleasing the hardcore comic fans that they’ve almost lost their sense of fun and even their sense of humor. We won’t know just how much will be in the final product until it hits the theaters but at least the trailer is trying to do something different with the superhero movies we’ve been fed all these years.

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