CAMPUS CRIME: Wellesley's Sleepwalker Statue Vandalized [VIDEO]

Police in Wellesley, Massachusetts are looking for the person or persons responsible for spray painting its lifelike “Sleepwalker” statue.
The statue–constructed by artist Tony Matelli as part of an art exhibit–features a very lifelike man standing outside in his underwear. His eyes are closed and his arms are outstretched looking as though he’s walking in his sleep. The statue looks real enough to have becomeĀ a source of controversy on campus. Some of the students described the statue as frightening, or “threatening” for students who have to walk by it. They have been demanding that the school take it down before it offends or scares anyone else. Here’s a video featuring some reactions from Wellesley students shortly after it first went up sometime last winter…
Well, someone got their wish because it has to be taken down now that someone has spray painted it. The unidentified suspect or suspects walked up to the statue in the middle of the night and spray painted it with yellow paint on the statue’s face, arms, legs and feet. Police haven’t identified any suspects yet, but the president has vowed to punish whoever did it to the fullest extent of the law noting that these acts are “criminal in nature and carry potentially serious consequences.” We wholeheartedly agree. Whoever did this should have to stand in the statue’s place until the artist is able to fix it. That’s called justice.

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