Dani Thorne: Bella's Sis Is Perfectly Legal And…Um, Perfect [PICS]

Dani Thorne showed up at the premiere of Bella Thorne’s new movie Blended last night, and she had a message to deliver–which seems to be, “Guys, quit creeping over a 16-year-old, because Bella Thorne has a sister who’s perfectly legal.” [photo via…]
That would be Dani Thorne, who didn’t just swipe the spotlight from her sister. Dani also distracted photographers from Drew Barrymore. We’re thinking that Drew had a pretty good attitude about it, though. She knows about being a wild young thing. And you have to give Dani a break, since she’s┬ásure been overshadowed by her sister lately. Dani has made it to shows like Hannah Montana and Zoey 101, but we’re willing to say that she’s certainly been underexposed.
Dani’s out to get known now, though. She has a great opportunity as the one Thorne that it’s okay to lust after, too. We notice that her Twitter account makes sure that everyone knows that she’s 21 years old. She also has a website that invites you into Dani Thorne’s World, and we’re ready to take up residency. Dani hasn’t sold us on Blended, but we’re sure sold on Dani–and here are some additional pics to get you Thorney…

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