This Clip of A Drunk Rick Ross Being Interviewed Is Everything [VIDEO]

He’s not a big name in America, but Tim Westwood is a big figure in the British hip-hop scene–and he’s about to get some exposure here as the drunk white guy who was seen interviewing a very drunk Rick Ross. You’ll be able to see that Tim is wasted on champagne, and we’re kind of afraid to speculate on what Rick Ross has going on this clip. We do know, however, that Rick Ross has a deep love for Solange.
Of course, we don’t have to get drunk to admit that kind of thing. The rotund rapper also seems to really like the gal that Tim has hired as his cameraman. Well, it’s a camerawoman. That’s probably a smart move on Tim’s part–although he might also want to look into staying sober on the job. In his defense, though, we doubt that we’d be as entranced by all seven minutes of this amazing interview if Tim and Ross were sober. Come to think of it, we’re drunk, too. There’s still a good chance that even sober people will find this really entertaining…

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