Every Punch In "Road House" All In One Convenient Video [VIDEO]

Someone took all the footage of people getting belted in the face in the classic Patrick Swayze movie Road House and combined them in one YouTube video for your twisted enjoyment.
The folks at Red Letter Media put together the special video of all the jabs, crosses and haymakers from Road House in honor of the movie’s 25th anniversary¬†(which we celebrated with gifs and quotes). We weren’t able to actually count all the punches. We lost count because we kept laughing by the time we reached the 30s from the repetitive sound of meaty face mutilations being blasted out of our computer speakers. Seriously, we never realized how funny the minimum amount of felony assault sounds when you put them back to back in a never ending succession. Ironically, all the laughter made our faces hurt. This is the closest we’ll ever get to a 3D version of Road House
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdGrB3Za4_o&w=600&h=338]

This really is what the movie Road House is all about. Screw plot, exposition, character development and a strong sense of pathos. It’s just an excuse to watch an endless series of over-the-top bar fights that we can watch without worrying about taking an accidental bottle to the face or having to learn exactly how strong wooden chairs are by taking one across the back. Think of all the time and pain this video will save everyone who has an itch to watch a bunch of strange men with budding mullets take a punch to the face without having to go to a seedy bar near a prison. Something like this could really have an impact on the health care funding crisis.

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