New Adaptation of Stephen King's "IT" Might Come Clowning [VIDEO]

New Line Cinema is working on another adaptation of one of Stephen King’s scariest novels–that being the legendary traumatizing child classic IT.
The Hollywood Reporter says that the project is moving from Warner Bros. to New Line because Warner Bros. wants to focus less on producing horror movies. New Line, of course, has brought some of the greatest horror giants to the big screen such as Freddy Krueger and his timeless Nightmare on Elm Street movies. King’s story focuses on a small town terrorized by an ancient evil that appears to children in the form of a circus clown in order to murder and eat them. A group of children known as The Losers’ Club return to combat it after they’ve grown up and moved away. The book was turned into a very popular TV miniseries in the 1990’s starring Tim Curry in a very terrifying performance as the murderous clown Pennywise, and that’s going to be one tough scary clown to follow…
IT pretty much started the entire coulrophobia movement in horror. (Yeah, “coulrophobia” is a real word, and it means what you think it means.) Of course, clowns have always been naturally scary, but King’s book exploited that fear to an insane degree and it pretty much set the standard for every killer clown movie that followed such as Horny the Clown from Drive-Thru and Captain Spaulding from The Devil’s Rejects. Hell, we still have dreams about Pennywise–or at least, we hope they’re just dreams. Now we’ll have nightmares about all the lame Information Technology jokes, though…

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