Original "Godzilla" Movie Concept Art Shows The Big Lizard Attacking Alcatraz

Some newly released concept art  for the new Godzilla movie shows the giant beast attacking another San Francisco landmark–and it seems that the movie could have been even cooler than what we’re seeing in theaters now.
The painting features the one, true lizard king standing in the Bay and squaring off with another monster who looks like Anguirus. Alcatraz Island sits between them implying that the iconic prison island is about to get good and smashed up by the two massive monsters followed by the Golden Gate Bridge sitting in the background. The artwork was done by artist Frank Hong working under the direction of another production designer who ended up not getting hired for the new Godzilla film that was just released. So even though the paintings were produced, they didn’t make it into the final product. Hong also painted a breathtaking scene of the massive monster spitting what appears to be lightning on a destroyed building in the wake of an absolute wasteland.
It’s a shame that they couldn’t work an Alcatraz battle into the movie because it certainly would have added to Godzilla’s awesome, epic majesty. The Golden Gate Bridge may be San Francisco’s most recognizable sight but it always gets destroyed in every movie about a massive, fire breathing monster that visits San Francisco. It’s as if some equally giant tour guide told them to put it on their “To Stomp” list. Destroying Alcatraz wouldn’t have just been a nice change of pace. It would have been a creative and fresh move on the director’s part. It’s like sending a giant monster to attack Paris and he destroys everything EXCEPT the Eiffel Tower.

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