Pat Riley Looking To Trademark "3-Peat"

Pat Riley has been trying to get the term “3-peat” trademarked, and already has four trademarks of different versions of the term. Now he wants the official “3-Peat” to use for marketing “jewelry, namely rings and sports memorabilia”–according to records with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.
This all started 25 years when he was coaching the Los Angeles Lakers, and the team was on their way towards trying for a third straight championship. It didn’t work out for him as a coach, but Riley got his money when the Chicago Bulls won three straight twice in the 1990s.
If the Miami Heat can win their third straight title this season, Riley will make even more money–which isn’t a bad thing. Riley is also the team’s president, so there’s a little bit more executive pressure on the Heat to finish off Riley’s latest round of three straight championships. And get the merchandising going.

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