The World's Shortest Karate Match is Painful to Watch [VIDEO]

A super short karate match delivers a big helping of pain after a fighter puts his opponent on the mat in just three seconds.
The match starts innocently enough with a light bow between both competitors in the spirit of friendly competition. Then one of them throws a mean spinning back kick that connects with the other guy’s head and sends him right down to the floor. The clear winner steps away like some action hero in a movie walking away from a massive explosion with an¬†emotionless face. It happens so fast, in fact, that the video has to provide a couple of slowed down replays just to give your tired brain time to process what happened…
And be sure to ponder that¬†guy screaming in victory in the background. The video was made in another country, so we can’t understand the guy’s language. We’re guessing that he’s a proud father or coach cheering on his little pupil for successfully caving in another man’s face with his foot. We’d be proud of ourselves, too–if we could actually get just one of our feet that high over our head without pulling some kind of muscle we didn’t even know we had.

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