Top 20 Sexiest Instagram Photos of the Day: Thursday, May 22nd

Every day is a blessing when you’re blessed with an Instagram feed full of beautiful models–like Morgan Hubers (above) showing off how glamorous a girl can get with a plunging neckline. And that’s just one of the beautiful babes that you’ll be plunging into on this lovely Thursday. We have Sandra Kubicka making us see double, and Anna Herrin deciding to ride the wild surf bareback. There’s also a bold black-and-white study from Rachel Yampolsky, while Hailey Clauson shows off her tanned bod in Technicolor
Don’t forget Shyla Suomi showing off some real Hollywood style. Melanie Ribbe manages to look daring in a suburban setting, while Lena Martinson puts a spotlight on the simple act of forgetting to wear a top. Jesse Golden looks like she’s auditioning to be a yoga teacher, and we’d sit through that class anytime. Erica Knight, however, already looks in fighting shape. And there still more Instagram ingenues to catch your imagination, so check out the ladies who are already getting us revved up for the weekend…

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