Anna Colwell Stirs Us Up in "Blended" [21 PHOTOS]

So we’re having our usual Friday morning email exchange with our bro’ site Busted Coverage (“You suck!” “No, you suck!”), and we mention that the best thing about the new Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie Blended is a hot gal named Anna Colwell as a babe named “Bubbles,” and then the guys from Busted Coverage say, “Yeah, we know her.”
And we say, “No, you suck!”
And then they say, “No, seriously, Anna Colwell is a big sports fan and we did a gallery of her looking sexy at football games.”
Then we check it out, and, yes, it seems that those guys are telling the truth for once. Busted Coverage discovered Anna Colwell before we did. That’s even more impressive when you consider that they probably first saw Anna in Journey 2: Mysterious Island. It takes a lot for the Busted Coverage staff to get distracted from The Rock’s glistening muscles.
In our defense, though, we would’ve discovered Anna in Anchorman 2 if she’d shown up in that movie–and we don’t know why she didn’t, since the Atlanta actress pops up in plenty of local productions. We’ll be seeing her soon in the upcoming comedy Let’s Be Cops, and Anna’s set for Fast & Furious 7. She’ll also stay busy rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs (because she’s an Atlanta native) and cheering on the Chicago Bears (we can’t explain that one). We can explain, however, why Anna helped us enjoy Blended against the odds. Just check out these pics and reconsider skipping Blended this weekend–although we still recommend X-Men: Days of Future Past first…

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