Edgar Wright is Right Out as "Ant-Man" Director [VIDEO]


Some sad news just broke for fans of Marvel Comics and movies like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. Director Edgar Wright is no longer in charge of the big screen remake of Marvel’s Ant-Man.
Variety just broke the story that Wright is off the project after spending years working on the script and shooting test and special effects footage for the new comic book movie starring Paul Rudd in the title role. Wright was involved with the movie just after Shaun of the Dead became a big hit. He pretty much had his pick of any comic book character movie but he chose Ant-Man because it was a little obscure compared to some of the bigger ones and he felt his style of cinematography could match the film’s unique sensibilities for action and comedy. He even shot some really impressive test footage of the Ant-Man in action…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddql3rocBBM&w=600&h=338]
Unfortunately, it appears that the old standby excuse of creative differences is to blame for Wright’s departure. This won’t cause the studio to push back its July 17th, 2015 release date but it will certainly affect the style and tone of the film. Wright was really the best choice for such a silly yet important superhero movie. Wright has a wondereful spacial sense for camera techniques and hyperactive movements that really bring his movies to life in ways that no other comedies have dare tried and it seemed perfect for a character that can quickly change its size. Now we’re bound to get another boring, dull and super serious comic book movie because Marvel is more interested in turning everything into a franchise that fits into their overall brand rather than make a movie that actually stands out on its own.

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