Insane Inventor Creates a Pair of Magneto Shoes [VIDEO]

Some mad genius has been building devices that give him mutant powers and this time, he’s created a pair of special shoes that can almost turn him into Magneto from X-Men.
Builder Colin Furze puts together some insane inventions on his YouTube channel but he may have come up with his maddest one yet. He fashioned a pair of powerful magnets to a simple pair of boots that allow him to walk on the ceiling. He tested them out in his workshop and filmed the whole thing so we could enjoy his Tesla-grade insanity as well…
This invention is all part of his “DIY X-Men” series in which he builds gadgets and machines that give him the same powers as the mutants in the X-Men presumably to celebrate the upcoming release of X-Men: Days of Future Past. So far, he’s just done a couple of them including this one and a pair of retractable Wolverine claws that move through a pressurized air pump he wears on his back. We can’t wait to see what other ideas he has in store. He’s got a ridiculous amount of energy and enthusiasm. He cackles like an insane genius. He looks like a high energy cartoon character who just one blown nerve away from literally bouncing around the room.  We just hope that this mad British punk doesn’t have a design for some kind of Storm machine on his drawing board because if such power was in his hands, we’d all be screwed. Not even Al Gore could save us.

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