David Letterman's "Camping With Barry White": The Last Waltz [VIDEO]


David Letterman Camping With Barry White

Come next year, David Letterman will no longer be on the air, and the world will be a significantly less funny place as a result. Now, Dave has mellowed significantly in the past few years, but he was once the greatest voice of subversiveness on television, and one of his greatest bits was born on this day in 1983.
On May 24, 1983, Letterman unveiled a segment titled “Camping with Barry White,” which featured the man himself in a hilarious segment full of practical advice for those seeking to spend a night in the woods alongside the man who can’t get enough of your love.
Decked out in a classy suit and wide-collared shirt, perfect camping attire, Barry gets bitten by a Northern Copperhead, and Letterman calmly and carefully walks us through the steps one should take to treat the wound in the event they find themselves camping with Barry White.
Nowadays, everyone on television that fancies themselves a humorist traffics in absurdity, but thirty years ago, this was a welcome wind of weirdness blowing across the television landscape.¬†Though Barry was taken from us on July 4, 2003, those of us who were there will never forget this classic segment. Always keep the campfire burning in Barry’s memory, baby…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmjG1i2F90M]

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