World's Greatest Artist Admits to Burning Student Loan Papers

A Chilean artist angered by the tyranny of student loan lenders burned some student loan documents during a campus protest–and admitted to the act online.
Francisco Tapia, aka Papas Fritas, posted an oral confession on his YouTube page in which he admits to the illegal act of destroying student loan documents worth over $500 million. The protest was over students’ anger at schools’ failure to provide more affordable higher education to low income students. Tapia said in the video that students should not have to worry about being punished simply because they can’t afford something that should have been afforded to them.
“You don’t have to pay another peso,” he said. “We have to lose our fear, our fear of being thought of as criminals because we’re poor. I am just like you, living a s***** life and I live it day by day. This is my act of love for you.”
The students whose papers he burned did not know of the incident. He described the burning as a way to wipe students’ debts and create a single form of art that could encapsulate the strife and anger these students feel about their unnecessary debt. The problem is that the university may have to sue the individual students for the money they are owed now that they don’t have a record of them. That means Tapia could be prosecuted for destroying government documents. He seems willing to do that, however, if he posted a full confession. We need a guy like that down here in the US. Where’s our Tyler Durden of student loans?

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