Ashley Massaro Turns 35 With 35 Sizzling Pics [PHOTOS]

You want to celebrate Memorial Day with a real American girl–and it’s hard to imagine anything more American than birthday girl Ashley Massaro. She’s turning 35 years old today as the rare WWE Diva who also pinned the cover of Playboy. There’s a true twin pinnacles of American womanhood. And let’s not forget that Ashley Massaro celebrated her Playboy cover by baring her own twin pinnacles during the 2007 WWE Diva Invitational. They were covered with Playboy Bunny pasties, but that only helped to create an unforgettably American moment in sports.
That wasn’t even Ashley Massaro’s wildest moment with the WWE. The former Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA joined the organization as part of the 2005 Diva Search. No surprise that she won–and then Ashley became the valet for WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick. She was also soon brawling in the ring, and WWE fans probably never knew that they were cheering on a magnificent MILF.
We don’t like thinking about that, either. The important thing is that Ashley was soon a fan favorite. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of WWE babes like The Bella Twins, Layla, Kaitlyn, and Michelle McCool. Ashley was still kind of uniquely mainstream as a built beauty. Playboy was quick to jump on her (so to speak). Ashley also made it onto network television as a contestant on 2007’s Survivor: China. Weirdly enough, the Survivor audience let down a lot of fans by voting Ashley off after the second episode.
That was shortly before some (perfectly legit) personal problems had Ashley retiring from the WWE–but she’s still a legend that we can’t forget this Memorial Day. Start celebrating now with 35 pics that’ll get you proud to be an American…

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