"Butt Fumble" Jersey Sells For $820 [Butt Fumble VIDEO]

There are some pieces of sports history that fans really want to get their hands on–including the jersey that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was wearing on the occasion of the infamous NFL “butt fumble.” That jersey was auctioned off by the NFL last week and was bought for $820 by a Jets fan who said that he will hang the jersey on his wall until the Jets win the Super Bowl–or until he gets enough money to “put it on a rocket ship.” That’s because Jets fans don’t want that thing to even exist on Planet Earth. [photo via…]
The butt fumble is one of the most infamous Thanksgiving Day plays in NFL history. In fact, this Jets fan didn’t want the jersey out there for a non-Jets fan to have to taunt in his face. That was smart. It’s hard to think of any other reason that a non-Jets fan would want the jersey.
It is a jersey that probably should have been blown up and burned after the game with the way the Jets were smashed by the New England Patriots on that night. However, the jersey will live on for a diehard Jets fan who knows that no matter how bad things get, it could always be worse. Now let’s relive that memorable moment…
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAp57G1hLn0]

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