Cinematic Selfies: "300," "Dark Knight," "The Mask," And More GIFs….

Do you know what’s missing from great movies? Selfies. Specifically, the scene where Our Hero takes a break from all the drama and immortalizes the moment. We didn’t realize this, of course, until the release of these fantastic Cinematic Selfies. Finally, we have some GIFs that add a very personal touch to assorted classic movies.
So check out the new and improved takes on 300, The Mask, Twilight, and The Dark Knight (well, we think it’s The Dark Knight, but it might be Batman Begins). Then scroll on down for a GIF crammed full of more amazing Cinematic Selfies–including one scene that’s definitely The Dark Knight. We’re very impressed by this fine cinematic innovation, but we’re also still going to pretend that these are all outtakes from the actual movies. Well, except for The Mask. That movie came out way back in 1994, but we bet that we’d have seen Jim Carrey take a selfie if they were around…

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