The 30 Hottest WAGs to Watch at the World Cup 2014 [PHOTOS]

We’re officially declaring the WAGs of the 2014 Brazilian World Cup the hottest WAGs in World Cup History. There, we said it.

And while we really don’t have any definitive proof as to “why” or “how” we’ve come to this conclusion, I would confidently put money on this year’s 30 hottest WAGs against the 3o hottest WAGs of any other year. The 30 hottest WAGs of the 2014 World Cup are like an all-star squad of sexiness: a little something for everyone.

First off, you’ve got the Victoria’s Secret model who some believe might be the sexiest woman in the whole world. Great start. Then you’ve got more than a handful of the most popular glamour models. Top that off with massively popular singers, some of Instagram’s sexiest social media queens, more international dimes than you can count, and you’ve got the winning formula.

To see which 30 WAGs you should be watching at the 2014 World Cup, check out our list below. And to answer your question–No, I have absolutely no idea how England’s players are able to score the hottest women.


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