WWE Diva Natalya Neidhart Has A Slammin' Birthday [35 PICS]

What does WWE Diva Natalya Neidhart have in common with The Rock? Well, we’d rather not dwell on most of those things, but Natalya Neidhart is–just like Dwayne Johnson–a third-generation wrestler. And the first-ever third-generation female wrestler. In fact, Natalya Neidhart was born into the legendary Hart Clan of wrestlers (including Bret Hart). Not to disillusion anyone, but that also means that Natalya was born into a showbiz family, and grew up knowing the value of a blonde babe who could really work the wrestling ring.
The WWE sure knew that Natalya was a major attraction. Now she’s turning 32 years old today–that being May 27th, 2014–as one of the WWE’s favorite femme figures. Natalya was also trusted with launching the WWE’s Total Divas television show, where lots of fans tuned in to enjoy her rivalry with the beautiful Bella Twins.
And here it is feeling just like yesterday that we were celebrating the birthday of former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro (hey, it was!), and this site has also gotten excited over brawling babes like like Cameron and Kaitlyn.  We even once got worked up over Kendra Wilkinson just faking a role as a boxing gal. But there aren’t many figures set to be as enduring as Natalya on the scene. We weren’t too thrilled when Total Divas started with Natalya’s wedding, but we guess that it’s important that the Hart legacy continues. She’s not a MILF yet, though, so let’s enjoy Natalya’s birthday with some naughty and nice pics that show off that enduring figure…
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