Video Game "Watch_Dogs" Gets Great Reviews And Sparks A Bomb Threat

The offices of a news website in Australia had to be evacuated because what some thought was a beeping time bomb turned out to be a package promoting the new Watch_Dogs game.
Now that the game is here after all the endless waves of hype and praise, we’re finally getting a handle on just how good this game is and while nothing can live up to that hype, it’s still a well-reviewed game. The Edge praised just about every inch of the game from the graphics to the unique gameplay and how it delivers “a truly new way to play open-world games.” Gamespot praised the multiplayer mode calling it “anarchy in its most captivating form.” Game Informer called it “a promising start to a new series.” We’re sure that Ninemsn’s reviewer was planning on calling it “explosive” but now that might cause someone to call the police again.
But the game really made big news after an anonymous package was sent to the offices of an Australian news service–resulting in a proper bomb threat. The game was delivered to the Ninemsn’s offices with a letter addressed to one of the journalists,¬†and instructing them to call their phone and check their voicemail before they try to open it.
That’s a clever way of delivering an advanced copy of the game and all the little goodies that come with it. Apparently, the journalist didn’t know it was coming and didn’t follow the instructions on the letter because he just started playing with the buttons on the safe. When it wouldn’t stop beeping, everyone in the office started freaking out and called in the bomb squad to take a look at it. They pried the little beeping bastard open and pulled out a baseball cap, a beanie and a new copy of Watch_Dogs. The weird part is that no other agency in the area has received the package but we’re sure that the PR agency behind it has put a stop to it by now. It’s a shame because it’s actually a clever way of delivering the game.
If anyone from that firm is reading this, feel free to send us one. We promise we won’t call the bomb squad except for one of our drinking buddies who does work for a local bomb squad.

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