Former Milwaukee Bucks Owner Herb Kohl Sends Employees $500 Check

The Milwaukee Bucks were recently sold by Wisconsin senator Herb Kohl for nearly $550 million. There are many people who have worked under Kohl at the Bradley Center where the Bucks play–and they got a shock in the mail recently. Every employee there received a surprise $500 check from Kohl for their hard work.
That’s something that more owners should look into doing. Kohl has shown that sometimes owners care about what happens to the employees who put in tireless hours getting the arena ready for each event. In this day and age, every dollar is a big thing and getting a surprise $500 will make anyone’s day and that is exactly what Kohl’s action did. He was just spreading the wealth from the $532 million profit he made from selling the team. He bought the Bucks in 1985 for just $18 million, so, yeah, that worked out.
There’s a lot of good karma out there for the Bucks now. The team won just 15 games last season, and will have the No. 2 pick in June’s NBA draft. Kohl’s actions may turn things around for Milwaukee one way or another.

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