GWAR Has Plans For A GWAR-B-Que Restaurant [VIDEO]

The bloody metal show band GWAR has a dream of opening their own theme restaurant–and that dream (or nightmare) will become a reality if they can raise enough money to build it.
The band unleashed an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the $50,000 they need to build their dream bar and grill that they’ve dubbed simply the GWAR Bar for their adopted hometown of Richmond, Virginia. So far, they’ve already raised just over $6,000 and they are well on their way to get the rest if the Earth knows what’s good for them. Just like all of GWAR’s projects, the band hopes that their design for a restaurant will change the shape and scope of theme dining. The menu appears to be what you’d expect from a GWAR theme restaurant: meat, beer and more meat and beer.
The places will also be decorated with decor befitting to a band of GWAR’s caliber, which means there will also probably be a lot of bloody meat caked on the walls…
The announcement of the project must be bittersweet for the brand because it was the brainchild of its late founder Dave Brockie who passed away last March. The band is hoping they can raise the money they need to open the restaurant and dedicate in his memory sometime this summer. We’re hoping that they can actually pull it off in time. We would have much rather have had this restaurant in our neighborhood instead of that crappy Planet Hollywood chain that littered the countryside awhile back. A GWAR Bar would have literally eaten Planet Hollywood for breakfast.

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