Serve Your Chilled Monkey Brains in These "Temple of Doom" Bowls

Remember the scene in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom when Indy and his gang sit down for a hot meal of dishes like Eyeball Stew and Snake Surprise? Now you can recreate that moment in your home (assuming you know a guy who can get you real monkey brains) with these monkey head bowls.
Firebox just released its new line of “Monkey Brains Bowls,” a set of bowls that look like the freshly severed head of mankind’s evolutionary relative. They are shaped like freshly decapitated monkey skulls and even come with hairs planted on the sides and on the scalp. Each one has a removable scalp lid that you can use to keep your sure-to-be disgusting meal warm before you serve it. We don’t mean to imply that your cooking sucks but when you serve it in what looks like a monkey’s hollowed out head, it’s bound to make even your tastier batch of macaroni and cheese look a little less appetizing to guests with weaker stomachs.
Unfortunately, the hairs make it hard to wash in the dishwasher or warm things up in the microwaveable. However, it comes with a removable plastic insert so it’s easy to nuke and  wash unless you’re a really sloppy eater. It can even make for a good desk organizer to hold pens, thumb tacks or an ancient potion that alters the chemical makeup of the brain and can turn even the smartest man into a mindless cult zealot. However, it really should be used for dinner parties especially if your guests are movie buffs, Goth fiends or PETA members that you want to get out of your life as quickly as possible.

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