The Sriracha Sauce Plant is Finally Back in Business

Fans of having their mouths scalded by the liquid hot goodness of Sriracha sauce won’t have to worry about stockpiling the stuff. It seems that the people behind the precious condiment have made up with their hometown.
Huy Fong Foods got into a bit of a scuffle with city officials in Irwindale, California when residents started complaining that fumes from the super hot sauce’s factory were making their eyes water. The city wanted to declare them a public nuisance and gave them 90 days to fix the problem or they would have to shut down production. Things got so heated that Huy Fong Foods threatened to stop making their signature sauce–prompting bids from other cities to relocate the factory.
Now it appears that they won’t be necessary as the company and city officials are working together to make sure that the sauce stays in production and residents don’t constantly choke on the sweet smell of processed chili peppers. The factory promised to install a better filtration system that would reduce the smell and the city’s mayor Mark Breceda removed the bill that would have declared them a “public nuisance.” Well, at least to the air. Our stomachs remain another matter…
This means you can stop hording bottles for your stockpile because production is back online and your store will have plenty of bottles of the scalding hot sauce in the coming months. The timing could not be better. Tabasco seized on the opportunity by releasing four new marinade flavors of their signature hot sauce. If this fight kept up, we were bound to get all sorts of delicious, new Tabasco flavors. So now we’re not entirely happy about Sriracha’s cease fire.

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