Ex-Michigan Lineman Taylor Lewan Fingered By Ex-Girlfriend In Fight

Everyone knows about the hatred between Michigan and Ohio State. That rivalry was allegedly taken to a whole new level allegedly when former Michigan lineman (and current Tennessee Titans lineman) Taylor Lewan punched an Ohio State fan while trying to break up a fan. That’s according to Lewan’s own ex-girlfriend and an alleged victim. Lewan was charged with one count of aggravated assault, along with two counts of assault and battery after the incident–which happened after Ohio State beat Michigan last season.
Lewan has said that he was just trying to break up the dispute while his ex is now saying that he is lying. We guess that it’s possible that Lewan was trying to simply break up a dispute and wasn’t involved in a fight–but if punches are thrown, that’s a fight. Now it looks like the courts will be deciding anything else about this dispute.
Lewan’s next court date in Ann Arbor will be June 16th. Maybe by then, this whole case will be long over–but we think Lewan and his ex-girlfriend should end up on Judge Judy.

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