Marilyn Manson Will Be On the Last "Sons of Anarchy" Season

The final season of FX’s motorcycle soap opera Sons of Anarchy will have a very special and freaky guest: rocker Marilyn Manson. [lead image via…]
The network announced that Manson will play white supremacist Ron Tully, a “prison shot-caller” who will help Jax maintain control over his empire in the show’s final season premiering later this fall. MansonĀ said in a released statement and he’s a fan of the show so getting to play a part in the final season is an ultimate honor. He’s also racking up more acting credits for his resume 0nĀ  shows like Eastbound and Down and Once Upon a Time.
Just think of it. It wasn’t that long ago that Manson was considered a fringe shock rocker by some angry parents who seemed determined to do anything and everything to keep him from becoming mainstream and now he’s getting roles in mainstream network shows.
Sons of Anarchy will end with its seventh season and it seems appropriate to ask Mr. Manson to step in and do an extended cameo. It really goes for gritty in ways that even groundbreaking shows like The Shield and Breaking Bad didn’t touch. Jax has dealt with just about every kind of scum in the crime world as he’s struggled to keep the club and himself together during the last six seasons. He’s got his work cut out for him because last season offered some of the darkest moments you could hope to see for a show about hopped-up motorcycle gangs dealing with Iranian torture-pornographers.

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