Bill Murray Is A Lovable Wreck in "St. Vincent" [VIDEO]

Bill Murray is back as an ornery neighbor who becomes the second father to a next door neighbor’s kid that he didn’t know he wanted in the trailer for the upcoming film St. Vincent. 
Murray plays St. Vincent de Van Nuys, a gruff, drunk loser of a human being with almost no money to his name, no job to speak of and a girlfriend who’s close to leaving him because, well, she’s technically a hooker and he has no money. Some new neighbors move in next door, a single mom named Maggie played by Melissa McCarthy and her 12-year-old son played by Jaeden Lieberher. Vincent offers to watch the little guy after school as a job and he soon becomes a strange father figure for the kid as they spend time together learning how to fight off bullies, going to the bar and the racetrack and visiting the strip club where Vincent’s escort friend, played by Naomi Watts, makes her living. Check out the trailer…
We’ve seen this kind of movie before where an angry guy that nobody likes ends up becoming fast friends with a kid who learn just how much they needed each other in their lives like Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino or Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. This feels different. It feels like a quirky comedy that’s trying to find something funny in a dark place and comes off as something much sunnier than you might expect. Of course, it already had us at “starring Bill Murray.”

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