Penises Are Everywhere [44 FREUDIAN PHOTOS]

It’s a big day in archeology, since the world’s oldest recorded drawing of a penis has been discovered in Greece. The phallic graffiti is supposedly 2,500 years old–so we’re thinking that this proves that Man learned to draw 2,500 years ago, because we know that the first thing that we would’ve drawn would be a penis. Anyway, it looks like this…

But, we wonder, is that really a penis? It kind of looks like a penis, but have you ever noticed that a lot of things look like penises? Don’t look at us like that. We’re pretty sure that it’s been scientifically proven that many things look like penises. The science is, in fact, settled. Also, you may have heard of a guy called Sigmund Freud, who pretty much became the Father of Psychiatry by saying, “Hey, see that cloud? Do you think it looks like a penis? You do? Verrrry interesting…”
Well, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out this gallery full of things that are not penises, and yet will have you seeing some kind of phallic shape. You won’t be imagining things. It will not be your dirty mind. Well, some of it will be your dirty mind, but that just means that your mind isn’t any more dirty than the average COED staffers. That just means you’re at the right website. So check out these amazing images and just accept that Sigmund Freud might have been on to something. Besides a serious cocaine habit, that is….

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