Crazy Haunted Winchester House Is Getting Its Own Movie [VIDEO TOUR]

The Winchester Mystery House–one of the craziest and most legendary haunted houses in America– is finally getting the movie treatment.
The legendary Hammer Films studio produced some of the world’s most memorable cult horror movies, and now the revived brand is taking on the crazy story behind San Jose, California’s most notorious haunted mansion. The famed Spierig brothers Michael and Peter, the guys behind movies like the Australian zombie flick Undead and the vampire movie Daybreakers, were brought on board to oversee the project. They are projected to have a movie ready for release in 2015.
The Winchester Mystery House is a massive mansion that contains over 160 rooms and all sorts of strange additions such as stairs to lead to ceilings and a top floor door that literally opens to nothing. The owner Sarah Winchester was the heir to the famed Winchester rifle fortune, the weapon of choice in the old west. Winchester believed in the occult and spirits. A psychic told her that the lost souls of all those killed by her family’s famous rifle were out to get her. So in 1884, she moved out to San Jose, bought a small farmhouse in the Santa Clara Valley and used her millions in royalties to start construction on a massive house that ghosts could get lost in and never find her. Construction on the house didn’t stop until her death in 1922. It’s since become one of the most famous roadside attractions in the country and one of the world’s most infamous haunted houses. Here’s a brief tour of the home and its many weird features…
It’s about time someone made a movie about one of the most infamous haunted houses in America. Hopefully, it can capture the same sense of loss that still lingers around you when you tour the actual house.

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