We Got A Little Weird With Sideshow Performers Last Night [PHOTOS]

Last night we headed to the Rock Shop with Huffington Post Weird News to celebrate the life and times of Ward Hall, America’s foremost sideshow ringmaster and subject of the book Ward Hall: King of the Sideshows.

In addition to an open bar sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin, Hob Nob Wine, Bulleit Bourbon and Narragansett Beer, we were treated to a freaky performance by some of America’s finest sideshow performers. The list includes names like chainsaw-juggling Donny Vomit, sword-swallowing Playboy model Marlena Dee, strongman Adam RealManHarley “The Professional Lunatic” Newman (who lies on a bed of just one nail), and Todd Robbins who is able to eat glass and hammer a massive nail into his nose.


If you missed the weirdest party in the city last night (which is really a success in of itself), make sure to check out our photos from the event below.

Special thanks to Huffington Post Weird News, Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum, the Rock Shop for hosting, and all the guests who came through to celebrate Ward Hall.

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