Daniel Radcliffe Discovers Ladies Like "Horns" In New Trailer [VIDEO]

Yeah, it’s a shame that Daniel Radcliffe is playing a guy whose girlfriend is dead in Horns–but the good news is that he wasn’t found guilty of her murder (even though everybody seems to think that he did it), and now he has a cool set of horns sprouting out of his forehead, and he also got a free snake for a pet, and ladies sure seem to like the look. Also, the horns seem to give him the power to command people to do whatever he says. That makes for a pretty great moment in this new trailer.
We’re thinking that Horns is looking really cool, and might be the movie where the girls who crushed on Daniel as Harry Potter might rediscover him as a grown-up sex symbol. Good for him. The guy just turned 25 years old, and we walked past the Broadway theater last night where he’s currently performing, and some wiseguy had drawn a lightning scar on Daniel’s face on the poster outside the main entrance. We’re guessing that this trailer will make up for that–along with Radcliffe’s millions of dollars.
Anyway, check out the trailer, and don’t forget it’s based on a really solid horror novel by Joe Hill–who is the son of Stephen King, and we’re thinking that Horns will bring in folks who don’t even know that…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3AZx-cNM78]

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