Can America Save One of Robin Williams' Last Films From VOD? [VIDEO]

The sudden death of Robin Williams has still left a lot of comedy fans reeling from the fact that a man who gave so much joy decided to take his own life. The only shining light in this cloud of darkness is that we still have some Robin Williams‘ movies coming to theaters. Or, more accurately, theaters and VOD, like an upcoming Christmas comedy called  A Merry Friggin’ Christmas
The movie stars Community and The Soup star Joel McHale as a reluctant son who returns home for what must be one of the most uncomfortable family Christmas gatherings of all time with his father played by Williams. Unfortunately, they get even more uncomfortable when McHale realizes that he’s left all of his son’s presents at home and it’s up to McHale and Williams to drive the eight hours back to his house to make sure his son has a merry Christmas.
The studio behind the film set for release on VOD and in theaters on Nov. 7th released a clip of the movie featuring Williams talking to his grandson about Santa and what he’d like for Christmas. Check out the clip below in the embedded video…
The clip is funny, and the film has a real good chance to be good based on that clip alone–but it still feels kind of bittersweet to watch it. Robin Williams had a good thing going with the Night at the Museum franchise, but it had to be rough seeing A Merry Friggin’ Christmas going VOD on the same day as its theatrical release. Maybe America’s filmgoers will rally around, though, and makeA Merry Friggin’ Christmas the first VOD movie to ever score big at the box-office. Yeah. Maybe.

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