Does the New "Sonic Boom" Trailer Kill Off Sonic the Hedgehog? [VIDEO]

The newest Sonic the Hedgehog game has some ground to make up for thanks to all the other lackluster, modern-gem titles that have come before it and at least they’ve done a good job getting you sucked into its newest upcoming game called Sonic Boom: Rise of LyricThey appear to kill off Sonic in the trailer’s opening frames.
The trailer for the upcoming WiiU game features Sonic surrounded by a bunch of baddies as they all unload their weapons on him at once. The force is so great that the ground beneath his feet gives way and piles on top of him crushing him like a tiny, blue bug. So it appears that the new open world Sonic game will be a prequel of sorts to that cliffhanger of a moment. It’s actually picked up quite a bit of buzz at Gamescom, Europe’s answer to the E3 video game conference that’s going on right now in Cologne, Germany. It’s a gusty way to present a new Sonic game to the fans, especially for a group that really have taken him for granted and not responded positively to the newest games for the character. Check it out for yourself in the embedded video…
Of course, SEGA isn’t going to kill its most popular franchise, especially now that they are a game company that releases most of its games on a third-tier video game console. However, just imagine for a second that this really is the death of Sonic. It would be ironic if it finally happened in a modern Sonic game that doesn’t suck.

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