Melissa Sagemiller: Throwback Thursday With "Sorority Boys" Girl [PICS]

Some guys will think we’re crazy for asking–but do you remember Melissa Sagemiller? The Nordic knockout and former fashion model scorched movie screens throughout the early 2000s in a succession of supremely dude-friendly productions. Think back to the insanely gorgeous blonde who turned up (and on) in the outrageous crossdressing campus comedy Sorority Boys, the slapstick teen romance Get Over It, and the college fright flick Soul Survivors. [Photo: David Livingston/Getty]
Remember how you watched Soul Survivors because of that scene with Eliza Dushku in the shower with the blonde? That’s Melissa Sagemiller.
Melissa’s hot looks and high profile kept her in provocative magazine spreads during the first half of the last decade. From there, she steadily transitioned into a respected TV actress via the series Sleeper Cell and Raising the Bar, where Melissa was still willing to bare her bod in the name of art. Now she’s reliably buttoned-up on the boob tube via crime dramas like Chicago PD and Person of Interest. You just might not recognize her.
Adding intrigue to her already overpowering allure, Washington, D.C.-born Melissa has built up a bit of a mystery regarding her background. Her mother is a political activist who, according to IMDB, managed President Jimmy Carter’s campaign finances. It’s also reported that her father played pro football for the Giants and the Redskins. However–unlike her Sorority Boys co-star Bree Turner, who proudly espouses that her pop is NFL linebacker Kevin Turner–Melissa has never identified her dad.
Recently turned 40, Melissa continues to stun with her newly maturing sexiness and older, bolder sensuality. For Throwback Thursday, though, let’s take a gander at a gallery of this University of Virginia graduate in the bloom of her up-and-coming Hollywood youth. Few stars have ever so incandescently combined ice queen beauty with an inner fire of arousing heat. This Thursday belongs to Melissa Sagemiller. Throw back accordingly….

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