Hot for Teacher 2014: 16 (Alleged) Sex Offenders From This Past Summer

No, you haven’t been imagining more headlines than usual about female teachers seducing their underage students. It’s been happening a lot. We can’t really provide statistics because math is hard, but it seems that lady teachers have just gone nuts over sexting and sending dirty pics and then eventually having sex with the young people who are put in their charge.
And, of course, any media coverage reveals a double standard. When a male educator seduces an underage student, it’s automatically decried as assault and abuse. That’s how it should be. But when an older woman gets busy with one or more occupants of her classroom–well, a lot of guys consider that to be a #1 adolescent fantasy come true. And the better looking the instructor, the further the activity speeds away from being perceived as a “crime.”
The perfectly-normal staffers of COED all had crushes on teachers in their formative years. And when it comes to older woman/inexperienced virgin sex scenarios, well… the junk wants what the junk wants.
So don’t go accusing us of endorsing criminal activity. Consider this to be us looking back at an important topic. Mainly, a summer full of teachers who were either busted or finally made it to court on assorted sexual charges. And expect us to write this kind of article again. We already have Nicole Dufault and Gaile Supp in the news…

Julie Bollinger (Denison High School: Coleman, Texas)

Age at time of offense: 24
Position: Teacher
Alleged lover: Male student, 17
Crime: Relationship with teen, including sex sessions in her classroom, her car, and at hotels. When the events came to light, Bollinger resigned from her teaching job, picked up the student from church, and then drove him to a hotel room where they had sex.
Charges: Bollinger has been charged with a second-degree felony “inappropriate relationship between educator and student” which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in the penitentiary and/or up to a $10,000 fine.


Kristina Moore (Thornton Middle School: Houston, Texas)

Age at time of offense: 48
Position: Science teacher
Alleged lover: Male student, 14
Charges: Relationship with teen boy lasting more than a year, with sex occurring at school, Moore’s house, the student’s house, and a “dead end road.” The pair were busted by school surveillance camera videos. Arrested and facing two felony charges of sexual assault, which could get her twenty years in prison.


Brianne Altice (Davis High School: Kaysville, Utah)

Age at time of offense: 32
Position: English teacher
Alleged lovers:  Male students, 16 and 17
Crime: Three occasions of sex with a 16-year-old student. A second boy, 17, has come forward with new allegations.
Charges: Altice was on trial in August for first degree felony rape and first degree felony sodomy regarding the original teen. The trial has since been postponed for an investigation of the new accusations.


Stephanie Amato (Ethan Allan Elementary: Phil., Pennsylvania)

Age at time of offense: 30
Position: Special Education teacher
Alleged lover: Male student, 14
Charges: Amato had “consexual” sex with one of her students several times at her home and in her car. She was charged with sexual assault and is presently on trial.


Blair Porter (Old Towne Middle School: Ridgeland, Mississippi)

Age at time of offense: 26
Position: Teacher and assistant softball coach
Alleged lover: Female student, 15
Charges: Porter and her husband, 27, had multiple threesomes with the teen girl including, on at least one occasion, in a press box on school grounds. Both were arrested for performing oral sex on the student. Porter was seven months pregnant when she got busted. Her trial is scheduled for 2015.


Jaclyn Melillo (Sayreville High School: Sayreville, New Jersey)

Age at time of offense: 25
Position: Special Education teacher
Lovers: Two underage male students.
Charges: Sex with the students on multiple occasions in different locations. Sentenced to four years jail time for sexual assault.


Meredith Powell (Lincoln High School: Tacoma, Washington)

Age at time of offense: 25
Position: Math Teacher
Alleged lover: Male student, 15, and male student, 17
Charges: Sex and sexting with the 17-year-old; making out and sexting with the 15-year-old. Pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree child rape, serving six months in jail.


Michelle White (Charles E. Jordan High: Durham, NC)

Age at time of offense: 37
Position: Dance teacher
Alleged lover: Female student, 15
Charges: Lesbian relationship with teenage dance student. Charged with of taking indecent liberties and engaging in a sex offense with a student. Arrested, remains “under investigation.”


Krystal Paddock (Daniel Boone High: Washington County, TN)

Age at time of offense: 24
Position: Teaching Intern
Alleged lover: Underage female student.
Charges: “Inappropriate relationship”. Three counts of statutory rape. Out on bail, scheduled for court appearance.


Jennifer Collins McNeill (Thorsby High: Birmingham, AL)

Age at time of offense: 39
Position: Teacher and cheerleading coach
Alleged lover: Her own son’s male friend who was “under the age of 16.” McNeill and the kid attended the same church and met while she was teaching Sunday school.
Charges: Eight counts of rape and sodomy with a juvenile male, some of which took place. Sentenced to five years in prison.

Tanya Ramirez (King High School: Corpus Christi, Texas)

Age at time of offense: 29
Position: Teacher
Alleged lover: Underage male student
Charges: Making a sex tape with a teenage boy who “was driven to the teacher’s house at two in the morning by a friend after a series of 300 plus texts.” The video circulated among students, eventually being seen by a parent who reported it to the school’s principal. The teen admitted to the principal that it was he and Ramirez in the video. Awaiting trial. If convicted she could face up to 20 years in prison, but her previously clean criminal record makes probation a possibility as well.

Sarah Raymo (T.L. Handy Middle School: Bay City, Michigan)

Age at time of offense: 31
Position: Teacher
Alleged lover: Male student, 14
Charges: Sex with teen in her classroom, and six-to-eight times in her home and his home. Sent for psychiatric evaluation; trial has twice been adjourned.


Danielle Watkins (Stamford High: Stamford, Connecticut)

Age at time of offense: 32
Position: Teacher
Alleged lover:Male student, 18
Charges: Married mom Danielle had sex with teen and sent him nude pictures; also procured marijuana and let him smoke it in her car with a 15-year-old. Checked into rehab at psychiatric facility; trial is coming up.


Jennifer Fichter (Multiple Schools: Lakeland, Florida)

Age at time of offense: 29
Position: English teacher
Alleged lovers: Three male students, ages 16-17
Charges: Sex with multiple students, inappropriate communications with other students. Three males have come forward to report her. Fichter says she was in love with one of the boys, and the he had gotten her pregnant, prompting her to have an abortion. Fichter faces 34 separate criminal charges.

Jennifer Sexton (Hollis Middle School: Hollis, Oklahoma)

Age at time of offense: 28
Position: Middle-school English teacher
Alleged lover: Male student, 15
Charges: Sex in her classroom, her SUV, her home, and in the student’s house. Sexton also followed the student on summer break for more than 650 miles to have sex with him in a Mississippi motel room. Arrested for statutory rape. Awaiting verdict.


Joy Morsi (Grover Cleveland High: Ridgewood, New York)

Age at time of offense: 39
Position: Gym teacher
Alleged lovers: Two male students, 16
Charges: Married mother Morsi flashed one student in a closet, and then performed oral sex on him. She later sent enraged texts when he took a female classmate to the school prom. A second student has come forward alleging sex with Morsi. She failed to show up for her last court appearance. Her lawyer says she’s being treated for a “psychiatric disorder” and the judge rescheduled.

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