Arielle Vandenberg's Birthday: Go Ape for Vine's Hottest Vixen [PICS]

Arielle Vandenberg turns 28 today– meaning that the tall, slinky, dark-eyed, red-maned, lush-lipped, supermodel-hot knockout is only becoming more gorgeous and alluring as she gets (just a little bit) older.
L.A. native Arielle is perhaps best known among those not obsessed with stunning young Hollywood sexbombs for dating Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner (boo!), and then splitting from him earlier this year (yay!). She also memorably starred in the Arctic Monkeys music video for “R U Mine?”
Devotees, however, have followed Arielle through her appropriately slow-burning acting career as it’s heated up by way of distinctive roles in She Said/He Said (as “Gorgeous Girl”), CSI (as “Party Girl”), Spring Breakdown (as “Freshman Girl”), and Bones (as “Model”), as well as recurring shots throughout multiple seasons of the ABC Family series Greek (as “Lisa Lawson/The Hot Girl”). Arielle also appeared regularly as London Sheraton on Tyler Perry’s TBS sitcom Meet the Browns.
All that, and she’s funny, too. On her popular Vine account, Arielle writes of herself: “I’m an actor. The best actor ever” (Leaping over to Twitter, Arielle states: “I’m Steven Seagal’s ponytail. SYKE! I’m human!”). In fact, Arielle has proven to be a breakout star on Vine’s six-second video format, where her ludicrous beauty instantly draws viewers in, only to have her knock them for a loop with one fast blast of inventive wit after another. And she looks good doing it…
[protected-iframe id=”012cbd67123f11b8c322092a26c3eb72-3508545-34451079″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]
Whatever medium she’s presently dominating, Arielle Vandenberg is a gift to us all. We hope she has the happiest of birthdays and maybe celebrates with a raucous, Vine-friendly pool party. Multiple six-second video blasts of Arielle and friends rocking teeny bikinis—over and over and over—would really blow out our candles…

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