The 18 Best Posts From TL;DR Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a serious life saver, whether you’re writing papers or trying to recognize ancient B-list stars on the interwebs. It’s a real game changer, but it comes with some problems… mainly that everything is way too long in the Buzzfeed age. If you’ve ever spent any real time in the horrific depths of the internet, then you’re familiar with TL;DR, because it’s every internet’s troll favorite way to come out from under the bridge and disrupt an otherwise well-crafted piece.
Now, you don’t even need to use Google to find Wikipedia anymore. You can go directly to the source, and you’ll immediately know more about everything. Check out the 18 best posts from the TL;DR Wikipedia page to educate yourself on American culture and kids today. From failed football players to the psychology behind burlesque stars, you won’t even need college once you replace it with TL;DR Wiki (plus, unlike college, there’s no crippling student loan debt because it’s free).

1. Because apple picking looks better with a filter, no matter who you are. 

2. They definitely do that on purpose. Thanks Starbucks

3. Be honest, did you even read the definition? Even the TL;DR one is too long.

4. Kale, so hot right now (if you’re a failed writer). 

5. The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t even exist without him. 

 6. It’s the best way to catch a white girl, obviously. 

7. Don’t be caught rocking either one. 

8. Where would we be without the Snuggie? Cold, that’s where. 

9. Be careful out there, kiddies. 

10. No need to be shy, Hollywood. 

11. Let people know who you’re talking to immediately (so they can know to avoid you). 

12. He must be practicing. 

13. Smother me in Chick-fil-A sauce though… 

14. Pro tip: You never actually need to buy them. 

15. Buying a yacht is the easiest way to transform into a Bond villain overnight. It’s science. 

16. This should be on Kid Rock’s tombstone, permanently. 

17. Those people will never be okay. 

18. It’s way classier this way.

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Horror U: "The Dorm That Dripped Blood" (1982) [VIDEO]