Avery Brewing Company's Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest Is What's On Tap

What better way to kickoff the first weekend in October than drinking a brew whose name means “Emperor” in the language of the country that is hosting the most renowned beer festival in the world? Answer: by drinking and then writing one of our weekly beer reviews.
This weekend I am drinking the “King” Oktoberfest style craft beers–fantastically over the top in flavor and aroma. This weekend Avery Brewing Company’s The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest is What’s on Tap!
Anytime the word, “Imperial” tags the beer’s style expect the flavor profile to be much more intense. Though any style can, in theory, be an imperial, typically the most common types of imperials are IPAs and Stouts. Being an Imperial Oktoberfest The Kaiser maintains all of the Oktoberfest’s characteristics that you know and love, malts, roasted and toasty flavors, and a light brown amberish color, but these characteristics are pushed to the max!
The Kaiser has the appearance of a standard Oktoberfest but its aroma is much more Oktoberfest pungenty. Kaiser’s taste and mouthfeel is where it goes from standard Oktoberfest to an Imperial Oktoberfest. Huge caramel and malty toasted bread notes which are combined with strong alcohol flavor; an almost bordering on a winter warmer. There is not a lot of noticeable hops nor a bitter flavor that lingers on the backend.
This weekend I am paring the Kaiser with a rack of lamb, yup, going fancy! The intensity of the lamb will allow it to stand up to the Imperial flavor profile of the Kaiser. I am going to marinate the lamb in just a bit of the beer but not too much because I really want the lamb to stand on its own. So this weekend, all hail that Kaiser!
By: Jason Faulkner @Beer_Professor
Beer Stats

Style: Imperial Oktoberfest
Color: Copper / Amberish / Light Brown
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 9 – 10%
Bitterness (IBU’s): 24
Malt: Two-row barley, Vienna, Munich, Dark Munich, Aromatic
Hops: Bravo, Tettnang, Hersbrucker

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