Evalena Marie Hauls Our Eyeballs To Syfy For "Dark Haul" [PICS]

It’s another exciting Syfy Network Original Movie tonight–although Dark Haul lacks the clout of a titular monster like a Piranhacuda. The movie’s really about some guardians of Earth who end up having do some long-haul trucking while in possession of something demonic Also, the movie’s about troubled actor Tom Sizemore finally ending up on Syfy after a career that’s gone from Saving Private Ryan and Heat to…well, Dark Haul, and the other 24 movies that he’s made this year. [photo via…]
The good news is that Tom Sizemore has some serious star power by his side in Evalena Marie–who reminds us that you’ll find lots of other great actresses in our Sexiest Girls of Syfy collection. Evalena Marie first became a big name to us when she showed up in last year’s Dark Feed–which isn’t really like Dark Haul, but we expect that she’ll be able to easily steal both movies. Evalena sure stood out as a pierced beauty in the tale of creepy mental-ward antics.
That got us looking up her starring turn in Serena and the Ratts. We were hoping that one would be a dirty parody of Josie and the Pussycats, but it ended up being an offbeat sci-fi tale about a hot female assassin. Evalena turned that into a showcase role, and she’s able to do the same with her modeling work. It’s pretty amazing how she can trade out complete looks. You’ll appreciate seeing why photographers love to work with her, and also why Hollywood should be letting us see more of her. Keep up with Evalena via her website, and don’t miss the chance to have her in your living room tonight…

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