15 Reasons Michigan State Parties Harder Than Your School [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

There are people who believe that their school parties hard, then there are Michigan State University students who know the truth. This post is for those in the former group.

With the 7th largest student population of any university in the country, Michigan State has become a central hub for all things college. Aside from it’s outstanding academic programs and not to mention Rose Bowl winning football team, this school really knows how to party. Having such a large student body, the party scene here outshines all other schools with it’s sheer diversity.

Whether greek life is your thing, you consider yourself a bar hopper, or you love the rowdiness of a house party, we have it all. Here are the 15 reasons why MSU parties harder than your school:

1. Because with a top-tier Rose Bowl winning football team, tailgating isn’t just a backyard party, but a city-wide event every Saturday during fall.

2. …and whether or not the East Lansing Police approves, the student body celebrates it’s big wins in sports with a yearly event called, Cedarfest, where thousands gather at the infamous Cedar Village apartments to get shitfaced and sing the fight song with their fellow Spartans. The tweet you see is from last year.
3. Because every day of the week you can quench your thirst with amazing daily specials at the city’s numerous bars including the student-favorite, Burgerama, an all-day affair at The Riv bar which offers $3.75 Coors Light pitchers and $1 burgers and fries from 1-9 p.m. on Thursday’s.

4. …and not to mention Pizza Palooza at Rick’s American Cafe which offers free pizza from 6-9 p.m. on Thursday nights to the crowds stumbling over from The Riv.

5. Because MSU has over 55 greek letter organizations and over 3,000 active members, making the frat party possibilities endless, especially for incoming freshman.

6. Because various MSU clubs celebrate diversity by hosting huge parties every year including, “Sparty’s Bar Mitzvah,” and the, “Hafla Arabic Bash,” renting out entire bars, providing catered food, and hiring bands to attract hundreds of students to rage for the sake of culture.

7. Because for the cheap student rate of $0.60, students can call the East Lansing CATA “Night Owl,” bus to pick them up and take them anywhere on campus between the hours of 2:00-7:00 a.m. after long nights of partying.

8. Because the university consistently ranks in several news media outlets including MAXIM as having one of the most attractive student bodies in the country, far outranking it’s ugly and little sibling, the University of Michigan.

9. Because despite facing harsh winters with temperatures reaching below -30 degrees fahrenheit with wind chill, Spartans will stop at nothing to enjoy a half-off night at the bar.

10. Because our university president got down to, “Some Type Of Way,” with rapper Rich Homie Quan.
11. Because MSU fans are never afraid of a little competition.

12. Because Conrad’s, just one of the endless late-night eateries in East Lansing, may offer the best drunk food known to mankind. Think of all the things you love in a tortilla wrap, and then envision it with tater tots. Shit gets real.

13. Because house parties are famous on this campus for their themes, for their size, and for their hospitality. Stroll any street in an East Lansing neighborhood and you will find a party, most offering cups for $5 to get in on the never ending flow from the keg.

14. Because our green and white colors make us by far the BEST place on earth to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

15. Because Sparty is an absolute champion and if you’re going to party, you might as well be the best at it.

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