Melissa Marie Elias Busts Out Big Time in “A Warden’s Ransom” [PICS]

It’s another Saturday night and another baffling movie from the Lifetime network–with A Warden’s Ransom proving that you’re really sexist if you think a hot redhead can’t run a maximum security prison, even if she has to break out the big guns after a rich psycho basically puts a bounty on her head by promising$50 million to whoever breaks him out of her prison. The titular warden is played by Law & Order: SVU’s Diane Neal, there’s also some added estrogen courtesy of the warm form of actress Melissa Marie Elias. [photo via…]
We’ve had an eye on Melissa ever since her breakthrough in the late 2000s on the ABC Family series Falcon Beach. With dark curls, seductive eyes, and a couple of knockout Northern Lights illuminating her upper anatomy, Melissa stands out big time in a supporting role. She sneaks kittenish allure into the rough-and-tumble, prisoners-run-wild world of A Warden’s Ransom.
Melissa making a sexy impact in this particularly wacky Lifetime flick is no small feat, especially after Diane Neal is forced to go Rambo and take out an army of enraged male inmates one-by-one. Amidst all that goofy action and hysterical overacting, Melissa shines as the true talent worth tuning in to see. And you’ll agree after checking out these arresting photos…

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