20 Things You Didn't Know About the Greatest College Football Rivalries

college football rivalries

College football is all fun and games, right? Yes, because directing blood-boiling rage at your school’s enemy institution is all kinds of fun, and games are how these hotheaded hard feelings get safely, if savagely, pummeled out on the gridiron.
Rivalries are as much as part of what makes NCAA football magnificent as pregame tailgating, post-game barhopping, and the nonstop beer consumption and female fans gone wild at all points before, during, and after each touchdown.
Some rivalries can occasionally feel bigger than the sport itself—Alabama-Auburn, Army-Navy, and Michigan-Ohio State, for example. The great thing is that no matter how intense the intercollegiate hostilities grown, now how furiously each side’s psychological warfare rages, the conflict will always be settled, every season, on the field. And, as mentioned previously, that involves a lot of keg-tapping and hot chicks in tight jerseys showing off a lot more than just their school spirit.
Here, now, are the top 20 college football rivalries of all time…

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