20 Most Hillariously-Awesome Responses to Passive Agressive Roommate Notes

At one point or another, most likely while your in college, you’ll have that one crappy roommate. However, the types of crappy roommates varies: There’s the messy roommate, who doesn’t clean up after themselves. Or the destructive roommate, ya know, the one who turns into a tornado when they drink, leaving the house in shambles.

What we have here are examples of what might be my favorite type of crappy roommate: the passive aggressive roommate. This is the one who will leave notes above the sink, calling people out on their dirty dishes, instead of just saying something to their face.

When I was living in a frat house, our house manager would leave post it notes on all of our doors on Friday’s, detailing what we did wrong that week. I once got one that said, and this is 100% true: “Used crappy white garbage bag instead of strong, black garbage bag”. So yeah, you could say our house manager was a real passive aggressive d*ck.

So what did we do? We collected those stupid notes for the entire year, keeping them in one of those aforementioned ‘strong, black garbage bags’. When the end of the school year rolled around, on our last day living there, we threw the post it notes on the floor all over the house. It was epic, and sure as hell made him think twice about being such a passive aggressive d*ck. Hopefully the roommates targeted in these photos learned their lesson too.

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