WATCH: Zookeeper Curses at Monkey on Horse on Live Television [VIDEO]

Zookeeper Curses at Monkey on Live TV Video

A zookeeper cursed out a monkey that was riding on a horse during a live taping on Canadian television. That would be really cool in most circumstances. It’s especially neat after a week that was mostly taken up by something horrible that happened on live television in the morning.
Actually, some people think that zookeeper Michael Hackenberger is horrible. The director of the Bowmanville Zoo (which is near Ontario) was appearing on the local Breakfast Television program yesterday, and got a little frustrated when a damn monkey wouldn’t stay on the back of a little horse while the zookeeper was doing a live appearance.
That’s understandable, and we can’t really get upset that the camera picked up Hackenberger (quite rightly) calling that incompetent chimp a “c##s#¢ker.” We expect our monkeys to act like professionals in America, too.
There are still certain activists who want the video below to be shared because it’s supposed to demonstrate the horrible cruelty of zookeepers everywhere. We’d be pretty thrilled if our COED overlords were as amiable as Mr. Hackenberger. The guy doesn’t even use a whip. Watch for yourself, although we should note that the bad language means that the video is NSFW–and not suitable for really sensitive types, it seems….

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