WATCH: 'The Mountain' From 'Game of Thrones' Sets Keg Toss World Record [VIDEO]

Hafþór Björnsson—aka “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones—broke the World Record in a Keg Toss by throwing a 33-lb. keg over his head, and sending it sailing for 24 feet and six inches. Damn. Even more amazing, Hafþór is just 27 years old and doing this while we’re still trying to find the energy to get off the couch from eating too much on Thanksgiving.
We’d like for someone to either roll us off the couch like a keg, or roll a keg over to us. Meanwhile, this Icelandic giant probably ate twice as much as we did, and still went skipping off to once again nail his billing as Europe’s Strongest Man. Oberyn Martell never had a chance.
Of course, we’re not sure if Hafþór counts Iceland as part of Europe, or if he considers himself to own titles as both the Strongest Man in Europe and Strongest Man in Iceland. We know that Iceland is closer to Europe than it is to North America. You know what? We’re going to go with whatever Hafþór says…

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